Sunday, March 22, 2015


AEWE Leaders,

This is your official reminder of tomorrow’s 3/23 AEWE leader and student meetings. The leader meeting will be at 5:30 followed by the student meeting at 6:30.
Please plan on attending. If you cannot attend please notify us by replying to this email.

Tomorrow’s student meeting will involve 5 training stations to help students (and new leaders) get familiar with important preparations and equipment for Colorado.

See the training station assignments below (and attached) and be prepared to instruct the session you are assigned to.

We have also had a few leader changes since the last meeting.
Carl Moore will be taking this trip off to recuperate from some health issues and Trae McGuire has bowed out due to other commitments. Lisa Crouch has joined us subsequently and we should meet her at this meeting.

See you tomorrow night.

Please review your assignment below. If you are not assigned a training topic please plan on joining a group so that you can visit every station.

7,689,600 seconds until departure!!!!!!!



AEWE – Training Stations
March 23
Please bring items to help demonstrate the area you have either been assigned to or have volunteered for.  I would try and keep each session to about 10-12 minutes and that should get us thru the groups in 60 minutes. New leaders should try to be in a group going thru the training.  If you are an experienced leader and not assigned to a group, and want to help feel free to jump in on a group.

  Clothing (Margo, Walt)

  Equipment (Mark, Clint)

  Food (Sharon, Kathy)

  Travel Items  (Deb,……)

Back pack Prep.  (Nate, ….)

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